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Monday, May 30, 2011

Someone Worth Getting to Know!

So as promised, I'm featuring the lovely winner of my Krispy Kreme Giveaway. 

Tasha, also known by her blog name, Hello Tata, is a sheer lover of books. In fact, she is certain that if there were a program for "reads too much anonymous", she'd be first in line. Of this, she says, "My intro would start like this: Hi, my name is Tasha, and I'm a book-aholic." She went on to say, "I read a ton. To the point I joined a book club and got kicked out because I read the entire book list in a months time. I went through the entire Twilight series in a weeks time, and am one book away from being current with the Pretty Little Liars series (I started last week)."

Writers, most of us book-aholics ourselves, LOVE meeting fellow book fans, don't we? This one even started her own blog called, My Book & Me so she can share her "love and sometimes hate" for the books she reads.

Though she's only been blogging for about a week, she already has thirty-five followers! Interested readers who want to know her thoughts on the books she reads. Of her fast-growing blog, Tasha says, "I never really expected it to grow at the rate that it has, but thanks to Twitter, Goodreads, Book Blogs, and many other blog and book sites, it has, and will continue to grow."

Coming up soon (June 6th-13th) on My Book & Me, Tasha will be hosting the Small Blog Big Giveaway Blog Hop Event, where she'll be giving away a gift card to Amazon or Book Depository.

Also, on June 19th- 25th she'll be hosting her very own event called, The Birthday Week Extravaganza! She says that during this time, she'll have "a week's worth of guest blogs from various authors, along with giveaways!"

Sounds awesome, right?
Hop onto her site, follow her post! It's awesome!
Foller her on Twitter @!/luvlovemedew

For those of you interested in building your platform, Tasha's a great person to connect with. And if you love to read, tune in to hear about the books she reviews.

Thanks again for all those who entered, and those of you who just stopped by.
Please drop your lovely comments below. I LOVE your comments!

Oh yeah! Before I forget - You know how much I love Well, Patrick McDonald, the very creator of, has offered to donate one FREE MEMBERSHIP for my next giveaway! This is huge! In case you missed that, I'LL BE GIVING AWAY A FREE MEMBERSHIP TO QUERY TRACKER, right here on my blog! (Ouch, my voice hurts from all that excited yelling.) Stay tuned for more details.


  1. Thanks for the link. I'll hop over and meet Tasha now ;)

    And yay QT. I don't think I'd be half as organised it if wasn't for that site! I'll add a link to my blog when you post the contest ;)

  2. Great post! I've been lucky enough to get to know Tasha a little bit, and she's a great girl! I look forward to seeing all the featured books and authors on her blog!

  3. Thanks for the post!! Sammie will be one of my guest bloggers during my big extravaganza so make sure to pick up her book Amaretto Flame!!! I hope you all stop by and enjoy what I am reading and what I have to say to say about it!! If not leave me a comment and we can chat about it!! Follow me on twitter @luvlovemedew

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys!
    Tasha, I added you twitter link to the post. :)

  5. I'll be checking out the blog in two shakes (I've always wanted to say that for some reason). I was also a book review blogger for about 6mths before I realized that I wanted to concentrate more on my writing. Book review blogs are great and the people behind the blogs should really be applauded for everything they do for authors and how much effort they put into promotions. It really is a lot of work! I can attest to that!