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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Her TV Bachelor Fake Fiancé

I am just so so happy about sharing this new release with you! I've always wanted to write a TV bachelor themed book, and I have to say, it was so much fun!

I can't wait for you to read about Canyon Byer. He's been deemed shallow by some audience members, but you'll discover just what caused the pharmaceutical rep turned model to hide parts of who he is.

And Cambria! She has not had an easy go at life, but she is strong and resilient and kind enough to give Canyon another chance after he offended her on the show.

Their romance is tender, and enhanced by honest hurts and vulnerabilities from their past that deepen their connection and eventually allow them to trust each other more.

I sincerely hope you guys will enjoy this one!
You can read the blurb below.

Please let me know how you like it!

Cambria gave this year’s TV Bachelor the face-slap seen & heard across America.
Can she offer him redemption too?

Canyon Byer, pharmaceutical rep turned famous model, is the new eligible bachelor on Find My Fiancé. Weeks into filming the reality TV show, Canyon earns the title of America’s Shallow Bachelor for sending home the audience’s favorites. As the finale draws near, he needs a shot at redemption, but in order to get it, America’s favorite bachelorette—the same woman Canyon wishes he hadn’t wronged—will have to give him a second chance.

While Cambria Wilson sits among family and friends during finale night, mixed feelings fight for a place in her heart. Sure, she and Canyon shared a very memorable kiss and she’d even been falling for him until she realized what a jerk he was, but that doesn’t explain the strange sadness that looms as she waits to see which of the finalists he’ll propose to.

In a surprise twist during the final episode, Cambria learns that Canyon’s not going to propose to either of the bachelorettes left on the show. In fact, he’s about to appear on the doorstep of a woman he hopes to win back—all on live TV.

The bachelorette will be asked to join Canyon on a two-week winter wonderland getaway. Cambria would bet her Soap and Body Shop that she’s the last woman he’d choose; that Now an entirely new proposal is laid out before her, but in offering him redemption, will she risk losing her heart? is, until the chime of her doorbell proves her wrong.Now an entirely new proposal is laid out before her, but in offering him redemption, will she risk losing her heart?
Get it here for 2.99 or free in kindle unlimited.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Fearless Warrior: Navy SEAL Romance Series 2.0

Who's ready for Jace's story?

Hey guys!

Release day for The Fearless Warrior is here at last!

I'm really hoping to hit a personal goal with this new release, and that is to break into Amazon's top 100 in Kindle Sales by the end of the day! If you'd like to see how my rankings are coming along, feel free to go here, then scroll down to product details.

You'll see things like File Size, Publication Date, and a list of other things. But at the bottom of those options you'll find Amazon Best Sellers Rank. (In this case, we want the numbers low—under 100 low!)

Now, onto the book.

I had so much fun getting to know Jace and Amy, the lead characters from The Fearless Warrior, and I can't wait for you guys to get to know them too.

I really think you'll enjoy their love story! We've got sweet flirtation and playful banter. Late-night kisses and hopes for a promising future. But woven through each scene is the threat over Amy's head, and Jace will do anything to keep her safe.

The book blurb is pasted below. And remember to check those rankings and see how we did. I say we because without readers like you they wouldn't go very far!

Hope you're all having a great week!

The Fearless Warrior by Kimberly Krey
When Jace moves in with Amy to protect her from a predator, romance blooms, and Amy wonders who will protect her heart.

Denver’s Average Amy does TV reviews for the latest trends, but when her name ends up on a human trafficking website, life feels anything but average. Especially when old crush turned hot Navy SEAL Jace Burns shows up at her door offering protection. Protection from who? What? And did she already mention hot?

Jace Burns is known for his fearless nature. He’s risked his life overseas, endured time as a prisoner of war, and was even presumed dead. Too bad all that goes out the window when he comes face to face with Amy Nelson. He hadn’t paid close attention to her in high school but he’s paying attention now.

While romantic sparks fly and the danger begins to grow, one question fills Amy’s mind: Are Jace’s feelings real, or is he using her to help take down the threat? 99¢ for a limited time.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The SEALs are Back in Town! New 99¢ Release


the SEALs are back in town

Navy SEAL Romance Series 2.0

Have I told you lately that I'm grateful to be part of this awesome Navy SEAL Romance team? These are authors I read and admire and feel so very blessed to work with.

The last series was a huge success, so we're really looking forward to bringing you more! I hope you enjoy Taylor Hart's new release, The Found Warrior!

99¢ today only

Be sure to let me know how you like it.
Have a fabulous week, everyone!

~ Kimberly Krey
When you find that one person who connects you to the world, you become someone different, someone better. When that person is ripped away from you, what happens to you then?

When Blaine Hammerton, Navy SEAL, is notified that his father died of a heart attack, he finds himself in Brooklyn, shaking hands with people he's never met and accepting a random key from one of his father's friends. As he finds himself lost in a mental fog on the streets of Manhattan, he never expects to walk into an art gallery, and he really never expects to discover a beautiful woman...having a breakdown.

When the call comes and it's time for Blaine to get back to being a

Breakdown? Elena Gates doesn't have breakdowns! Just because she threw a bottle of water at her prize canvas doesn't mean she was coming apart. The know-it-all man in uniform has no right to be in her gallery! Giving him a piece of her mind will be her pleasure ... until she discovers his father recently passed. The sadness in his ice blue eyes leads her to do something she's never even considered before--ask a man over for pancakes at midnight.
real life hero, Elena has to make a choice--wait for him or risk losing her heart once and for all.
99¢ today only OR free in KU

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Celebrating Second Chances, 3 in 1

It's Release Day!
Is the Second Chances Series new to you?

So I'm a big believer in love, forgiveness, and second chances. While writing Rough Edges, Mending Hearts, and Fresh Starts, I made a big space in my heart for these characters. Braden and his struggle to move beyond the past. Allie as she navigates life as a divorced and dating mother of teen daughters. I enjoyed Logan and Candice's story and felt myself rooting for them to move beyond their hardships and appreciate what they had in one another. And of course Bree, who falls for Greyson despite her objection to liking a guy she had pegged all wrong while running from a stalker, no less!

If you haven't read this series, now is a great time to start. Get all three books (separately released prior to today) in one set for just 5.75 or read them free in KU.

For those new to these stories, I hope you'll enjoy them and find yourself rooting for these couples as well!
If you have read & enjoyed it, I could sure use your Amazon review. (Just a few words about how you liked the series will do.)
Happy Romance Reading, all!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

~ Kimberly Krey

To help refresh your memory, I'll post blurbs for each book below. To start, here's one for the set:
Second Chances Series:
In this three-book clean romance series, follow three couples under very different circumstances as they're given a second chance at romance. From an old high school crush, a broken marriage, and the one who got away, enjoy stories that feature the mystery of chemistry, the excitement of romance, and the conquering power of love! Novels included are: Rough Edges, Mending Hearts, and Fresh Starts.

Rough Edges:
Divorced mother, Allie Emerson, never imagined she’d be raising two teenage girls on her own. Between parenting and paying the bills, she hasn’t even thought about meeting a man. That changes once she hears local carpenter, Braden Fox, is in need of a secretary. Back in high school, Allie had done all she could to deny the sparks burning between her and Braden; but would the chemistry still be there after all this time?

Braden has heard all about what Terrance did to Allie and the girls, has been planning to stop by and see how she’s getting along, but Allie beats him to it by showing up at his shop in search of a job. Her unexpected visit reignites the old flame Braden used to torch for her; trouble is, old feelings of resentment return as well. Allie did choose Terrance over him, after all. And as much as Braden wants Allie in his life, he’s not sure he can open his heart to her again.

With this second chance at romance, will the bumps in their relationship be too much to get over, or will this carpenter learn to smooth out the past?

Mending Hearts:
A couple on the verge of divorce gives their marriage one last try. Will they be able to get past the issues holding them back? "A heart-warming romance," Jamie Brook Thompson
Candice is through with married life and all it entailed: infertility, an adoption gone wrong, and the death of her husband’s twin brother. Now that they’ve been separated for nearly a year, Candice is finally ready to set Logan free. But when he steps back into her life, Candice begins to have second thoughts. Even though she hasn’t fully healed from the heartache she endured over their married years, she can't fathom the thought of losing him a second time. Can Candice let go of past hurts and give Logan a second chance, or will her fears keep them apart?

Logan has spent the months of separation giving Candice the space she needed. But when he discovers that Candice is about to file for a divorce, he decides he better take action quick. He didn’t spend the best years of his life with this woman, only to let her slip away. Yet just when the opportunity comes again – his chance to finally make things right – an entirely new force threatens to tear them apart. Will opposition keep the heart-broken couple from getting back together or will they have the strength to break through the barriers, no matter what their future might bring?

Fresh Starts:
When Bree’s stalker is released from prison, she heads to a remote orchard to hide away. Joining her is Greyson Law, a former bodyguard who had a crush on her in their school years. Soon sparks ignite between them, and Bree feels she and Greyson might have a future. But could it all be destroyed by the stalker from her past?

After being stalked for several years, Bree Fox helped put her stalker behind bars. But now the time has come for his release. To test the stalker-infested waters, her brother, Braden, purchased an orchard house where Bree can hide away. And though she must leave her kids with her ex-husband for a time, Bree feels certain the plan will keep her family safe. She only wishes Braden hadn’t hired his friend and former bodyguard, Greyson Law, to watch over her.

After leaving his training center in capable hands, Greyson is back in his hometown to stay. So when Braden Fox asks for a favor, the timing is just right. Plus, working as a personal protector once more has an appeal all its own. Trouble is, Bree Fox never liked him much back in school, and he hasn’t seen the woman much since. Still, just thinking about the hard-to-get girl from his school days has Greyson wondering if the timing is right in more ways than one. But just how dangerous is this man from her past?

buy it for 5.75 or read free in KU

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

This Cowboy's a Keeper!

Author Kimberly Krey ~ Writing Romance that's Clean without Losing the Steam It's Release Day!

New Release by Kimberly Krey, This Cowboy's a Keeper, is on sale now! Payton's living like a Kardashian, and Luke's set in his country ways. See what happens when their worlds collide!

So sometimes, as authors, our personal experiences get fused into the pages of our fiction. And in a way, I saw that happening with This Cowboy's a Keeper. Payton Keller feels like she's the only glue keeping her family structure together, and the weight of those crumbling pieces becomes too much to bear. But in letting go, Payton discovers something both shocking and refreshing: she was never in control in the first place. (Hallelujah!) And this is when she's really set free. Free enough to dive into the romance waters with the seriously handsome Luke Branson. I love the way Payton is able to discover life in a different setting. Not just the difference between busy Hollywood and laid-back Montana living, but also the contrast of expectations, support, and unconditional love.

I really hope you'll enjoy this fun, cowboy romance! Yee-haw!

~Kimberly Krey

Keeping up with the Kellers is no easy feat, but each family member must play their part. So when her brother Jason trades his Stanford scholarship for a job as a measly ranch hand, Payton Keller must do what’s best for her high-profile Hollywood family. Just before leaving The Golden State, Payton receives undeniable evidence that her also famous fiancé is cheating, leaving her with two messes to clean up. Distraught, Payton forces her failing love to the back burner and takes the flight to Montana. There, she insists that the ranch owner—some too-handsome-for-his-own-good cowboy who doesn’t even have the decency to get fully clothed before answering a door—fire her brother. The stubborn brute tells Payton to butt out and mind her own business. Something she has no intention of doing.

Luke Branson is glad he hired Jason Keller despite his reservations. The kid is a hard worker, and nothing like the spoiled, entitled teen the tabloids make him out to be. But when Jason’s glamor-girl sister shows up one night making demands, regret finally surfaces. Beauty might get Payton far in her walk of fame, but it would do her no good here. Still, Luke doesn’t have the heart to send her packing in the dead of night, so he allows her to stay hoping she and her brother can make amends. What Luke doesn’t expect is the magnetic connection he feels toward her.

After officially breaking things off with her cheating fiancé, Payton gives into a weak moment and explores the chemistry she feels with Luke. She’s shocked to find the connection is better than anything she’s known. The country lifestyle, free of Hollywood demands, is too. But has Payton’s journey to save her brother led her to a life she’s meant to live, or merely given her a taste of something she’ll never have?

2.99 or FREE in KU

Click here to complete the Series!

Once Hitched Twice Shy
by Kimberly Krey
Mia Reynolds is the host of popular Vlog show, Try My Life, where she tries other folks’ jobs while the camera rolls. So far, each episode has been filmed in Oregon, yet when Mia gets an invitation from her Granddad to try life on his ranch in Montana, she’s ready for roping, riding, and even shoveling piles of muck. What Mia isn’t prepared for is losing her heart to the brooding ranch hand, Hunter Coleman.

Hunter lost big in love when his ex left him for her Hollywood dreams. When Mia Reynolds spends a week on the ranch to film her hit online show, Hunter is sure she’s just another version of his self-centered ex. But all too soon he sees new sides of the fun-loving woman that urge him to toss his wounded heart to the wind and give love another try.

Once the sparks start to fly, Mia's forced to make a difficult choice, one that gives Hunter a bad case of Déjà vu. When the fear of losing another woman to the spotlight becomes too much, Hunter might have to cut his losses before he gets in too deep. The trouble is, he's already in over his head.

2.99 or FREE in KU >>

How to Catch a Cowboy in 10 Days by Kimberly Krey

There’s no denying Ann Simpson is passive, so when she’s challenged to read a book that could change her life, she eagerly accepts. If she writes a winning article about her transformation, it could earn her a writing slot with Walquest Weekly, taking her career to the next level. And who knows—maybe it could empower her to step out of her romance novels and into her own happily ever after.

Ann packs her bags and her book and heads to Montana where she hopes to reinvent herself. Caught off guard by the cowboy of her dreams, Trey Richardson, Ann falls hard and fast. But does Trey love the real Ann, or the book-made woman she’s invented for the article?

Trey believes his life is complete with a ranch to run, horses to ride, and fresh country air to fill his lungs; but, when Ann steps into the picture, bachelorhood starts to lose its appeal. Yet just as his love for Ann begins to grow, Trey finds out Ann is writing an article about their time together, causing him to question her motives, along with his heart.

2.99 or FREE in KU >>

Copyright © 2018 Kimberly Krey Author, All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Celebrating The Simple Things, Like 99¢ Reads

Author Kimberly Krey ~ Writing Romance that's clean without losing the steam!

Celebrating the simple things, like 99¢ reads!

The way I see it, we have three things to celebrate today: The weekend's almost here, school is just about out, and the sun is shining bright (at least here it is).

So I'd like to offer three more things to celebrate: 99¢ reads! Starting with my Second Chance novel, Rough Edges. If you haven't read this one, it's about a divorced mother, the two very opposite teenage girls she's raising, and the handsome man from her past who'd like to be part of her future.

I've also got 99¢ reads from sweet romance authors Sarah Gay and Rachelle Christensen. I have read these authors before and loved their work, and I think you will too. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for more reasons to celebrate! Sometimes, joy really is found in the simple things!

~ Kimberly Krey

Divorced mother, Allie Emerson, never imagined she’d be raising two teenage girls on her own. Between parenting and paying the bills, she hasn’t even thought about meeting a man. That changes once she hears local carpenter, Braden Fox, is in need of a secretary. Back in high school, Allie had done all she could to deny the sparks burning between her and Braden; but would the chemistry still be there after all this time?

Braden has heard all about what Terrance did to Allie and the girls, has been planning to stop by and see how she’s getting along, but Allie beats him to it by showing up at his shop in search of a job. Her unexpected visit reignites the old flame Braden used to torch for her; trouble is, old feelings of resentment return as well. Allie did choose Terrance over him, after all. And as much as Braden wants Allie in his life, he’s not sure he can open his heart to her again.

With this second chance at romance, will the bumps in their relationship be too much to get over, or will this carpenter learn to smooth out the past?

Get it here for 99¢

The Forbidden Groom
by Sarah Gay

A tale of Forbidden Love and Forgiveness...

Cole isn't looking for love. In fact, it's forbidden by his agent until a new contract can be negotiated with the Texas Titans. His resolve is tested when Maggie, the spunky caterer, catches him when he falls. What he doesn’t plan on is falling for her.

Maggie, a Park City firefighter, needs a change of scenery. The cold winters and traumatic rescues have stolen her optimism. When she is offered a position in sunny Dallas, Texas, she jumps at it. But after a group of NFL players crash her first event, Maggie's amazing opportunity fizzles. Cole, the handsome football player, has not only ruined her prospects and wounded her pride, he has bewitched her with his good looks and warm demeanor. She may find the true love she has always dreamed of if she can forgive him. Will her pride or his determination win?

99¢ today only»

Coming Home to Love
by Rachelle J Christsen

Do you remember your first love? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a second chance to follow your heart?
When Laney Richins left Echo Ridge, New York eight years ago, she vowed she’d never return, but life had other plans. Those plans included her cute little boy and a divorce, so Laney moved back home and started over. Working in the flower shop seems like the perfect plan until Billy Redford, the man she should have married shows up.

Billy Redford’s heart was broken when his high school sweetheart turned her back on him and fled Echo Ridge for the big city lights. Running into Laney in Echo Ridge now brings up past feelings he thought were long gone. She’s prettier than ever, still seems to read his mind, and despite his protests ends up on the building and decorating committee with him for the Homecoming dance. Billy knows how to build just about anything, but he isn’t sure he knows how to mend a broken heart.

99¢ until May 6»
Have you picked up your FREE cowboy romance yet?

Just 14 more days to snatch these free, sweet reads!

Copyright © 2018 Kimberly Krey Author, All rights reserved.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

New 99¢ SEAL Romance by Kimberly Krey

New 99¢ Release by Kimberly Krey

So my new release features a Navy SEAL, but rest assured, The Honorable Warrior has plenty of swoony romance to spare!

I’m so grateful to say I’ve been able to work with some of my favorite authors over the last few months. Lucy McConnell, Sarah Gay, and Cindy Roland Anderson in the Country Bride and Cowboy Boots Series just to name a few. And with this Navy SEAL series, I’m writing with Cami Checketts, Taylor Hart, Jennifer Youngblood, and Daniel Banner. What a privilege!

I really loved getting to know Blayze & Sophia. They are both such strong characters! Sophia is smart, compassionate, and determined. Blayze is intrigued by the Spanish beauty right from the start, even if her feminist ways make him crazy. And Blayze—he’s got the physical strength of a warrior, but he also possesses a rare inner strength that Sophia can’t help but admire. Add to that the amazing chemistry, and we have all the makings of a yummy romance. There’s just one problem: Sophia’s in danger, and Blayze needs to focus on keeping her safe.

I'm super excited about this one, and can't wait to hear back from you guys about how you liked it!

Catch the blurb below; happy SEAL romance reading to you all!

~ Kimberly Krey

When Blayze falls in love with the woman he’s protecting, his desperation to keep her safe just might blur his view.

Blayze Brockton’s been working in the private protection industry since he retired his position as a Navy SEAL. So when he takes a job to protect Sophia Vasco, daughter of San Bernardino’s district attorney, Blayze is confident he can keep her safe. Yet after spending a day with the beautiful, intriguing woman, he discovers the undeniable chemistry between them. Spending night and day by Sophia’s side might prove more difficult than he thought.

Sophia Vasco is determined to speak at her father’s campaign rallies despite the threats she’s received. She has a vision of how the next two weeks will go, and with protection agent, Blayze Brockton, by her side things should run according to plan. But developing feelings for the handsome protector wasn’t part of the deal. Just as the two give into a moment of passion, the threats start up anew, sending them into hiding for a time. When Sophia puts her foot down and insists on speaking at the campaign’s largest event, will the hostile make ,good on his threats?

99¢ Thursday April 5th 2.99 or Free on KU afterward