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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Chemistry of a Kiss! Sweet YA Romance

I"m happy to announce that Book #5 in the Sweet Water High Series is here!

Guys, I had so much fun discovering Harper Tisdale, her unique family dynamic, and her complicated feelings for Jett Bryant, a guy who's been in her life since she kissed him on the playground back in kindergarten.
These two have great chemistry, even if she squirms a little over having to be his partner in her Marriage and Relationships class. Especially once she discovers their research topic: The Chemistry of a Kiss.
There's flirtation and tension and the promise of something more. A dynamic complicated by the fact that she's dating bad boy, TJ Reynolds.
Of course, life's never perfect; I remember sifting through my own issues of insecurity and difficulty over my parent's separation and divorce. I'm a sucker for bonding moments that make me believe that my characters are truly falling in love; they're are often my favorite scenes to write. You'll find those, as well as some tender, age-appropriate kisses in this sweet romance novel.
I really hope you enjoy CHEMISTRY OF A KISS.

How did I end up in a fake relationship with the gorgeous captain of the basketball team, Jett Bryant? Where do I start?
Back in kindergarten, I used to dream about kissing that adorable brown-eyed boy. He was also the pastor’s son but that didn’t stop me from chasing him down, tackling him on the playground, and kissing him smack on the lips.
Then in eighth grade, I was about to kiss him for real (as real as a spin the bottle kiss could get) but Jett ruined it by telling everyone about the playground kiss so I kissed some guy named James instead.
Fast-forward to our senior year where Jett and I got partnered in Marriage and Relations class and were asked to research—of all things—The Chemistry of a Kiss. It had me thinking about those yummy lips of his a little, but I kept my focus strong since I was dating TJ Reynolds, one of Sweet Water’s most misunderstood bad boys and lead singer of Grungetown. But somewhere along the way, TJ got jealous and kissed Jett’s vicious ex-girlfriend and that’s how he became my ex and that’s when the whole fake relationship idea started in the first place.
The trouble is, all the feelings I had for Jett over the years came pouring back as we spent time together, and our topic wasn’t helping the situation one bit. Neither were the incredible kisses he gave me as we “pretended” to like each other. Things really get complicated when Jett starts cozying up to me when nobody’s around to witness it. Maybe this whole fake relationship is turning into the real thing. But how can I be sure?


“So you’re so confident, are you? About your kissing ability?”
A triumphant grin spread over his face. “Yes.”
“How? How can you be sure?” I don’t know why, but suddenly I started to feel like I needed space so I scooted my chair back a foot or two. It didn’t feel like such a weird thing to do until Jett stared down at the space between us with a furrowed brow.
Slowly then, he pulled away from the back of the chair, leaned forward to drop his elbows to his knees, and squared a good, hard look at me. “That’s a good question.”
A blast of firecracker-heat flared in my chest. Just where was he going with this? But then every fiber in me threatened to go limp as I realized exactly where he was going with it.
“How about we let you be the judge.”

Get it here for 2.99 or FREE in Kindle Unlimited

See the complete series here!


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