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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hostess With The Mostest

I know this is a bookish blog, and that I should be busy promoting my newly released, Urban Fantasy novel, Evie's Knight. I should be mentioning that it's available on Amazon now, for just $2.99, (he, he) but there's a non-book related issue I must address instead:

 I am totally, utterly, entirely depressed about the Hostess thing.
Feels like there's been a bit of a tease going on here.
A while back we hear they're going under.
Then we hear they're still in biz,
& that they've just been sold.

Seems a bit more final this time around,
but a girl can hope.
And this girl will.

Who's with me? 
It can't be the end of the Twikie,
the cupcake, the snow balls (not my personal fave, but my kids love 'em.)
I can't have possibly eaten my last raspberry-filled powdered
doughnut delight. That's the one I will miss the most.

While we sit depressedly (I really want that to be a word right now) willing
Hostess to reopen those doors, let's share what
we'll miss most. Until they reopen, that is.
I've told you mine. 
Now it's your turn. 
What scrumptious temptation
can you not live without?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prism Book Tours ~ Sign up Now!

 If any words could be as delicious as chocolate to me in this moment,
they'd be narrowed down to one, very specific phrase:
Are you ready for this? No, that wasn't it. 


Just typing them leaves a divinely sweet taste in my mouth. 
The amazing Laura, @ Colorimetry is hosting, along with
Prism Book Tours, which could not be cooler!

Bloggers are signing up now to take part in the action,
and I'd love for you kids to 
come and play with us.
Think of it as a giant play date with fifty ultra-cool bloggers / reviewers
and an awesome, tour-wide giveaway!
There will be
  • Amazon Giftcards
  • ebooks of Evie's Knight
  •  Signed paperback copies of E.K.
  • Book-related swag
  • Recipes relating to E. K.
  • Softlips Chapstick (oh yeah, there's a reason!)
  • Sweet postcards portraying story-related art 
Want details? 
Want to sign up? 
Want to play with the cool kids? 
(I make no declaration to be one of those cool kids, mind you.)
Go here
Details & Rafflecopter will be provided.
Did you miss the part where I told you what Evie's Knight is all about?
Let me sum it up for youwith a lovely Haiku:
(Yes, I learned how to write those in school just like you) 
Evie falls in love

Calvin's cursed from decades past
Now the ghost is back
There you have it. Check it out on Amazon or Goodreads if you'd like.
Eat lots of chocolate if you'd like as well.
But please, come join the blog tour and we'll party like the cool kids for the entire month of January. And really, it's January - what else is there to do?