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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hostess With The Mostest

I know this is a bookish blog, and that I should be busy promoting my newly released, Urban Fantasy novel, Evie's Knight. I should be mentioning that it's available on Amazon now, for just $2.99, (he, he) but there's a non-book related issue I must address instead:

 I am totally, utterly, entirely depressed about the Hostess thing.
Feels like there's been a bit of a tease going on here.
A while back we hear they're going under.
Then we hear they're still in biz,
& that they've just been sold.

Seems a bit more final this time around,
but a girl can hope.
And this girl will.

Who's with me? 
It can't be the end of the Twikie,
the cupcake, the snow balls (not my personal fave, but my kids love 'em.)
I can't have possibly eaten my last raspberry-filled powdered
doughnut delight. That's the one I will miss the most.

While we sit depressedly (I really want that to be a word right now) willing
Hostess to reopen those doors, let's share what
we'll miss most. Until they reopen, that is.
I've told you mine. 
Now it's your turn. 
What scrumptious temptation
can you not live without?


  1. I may or may not have cleaned my local grocery store shelves of every Hostess cupcake I could find last night. Yep...I'm one of those people.

  2. @Smiles: That is AWESOME!!!
    I may or may not have called my local Hostess only to be informed that they were already out of everything except for packaged soups and gravy. And then I might have even showed up at the store (much too late) to find the shelves already cleared. Yeah - I'm one of those people - AKA the slower in mind...
    Thanks for stopping by, Sarah :)

  3. Well if you want some cupcakes, let me know!

  4. I'm pretty sad that Hostess cupcakes won't exist anymore.

    1. blogging is life for me, the besti read to day is the difference between a blog post and an article.

  5. I keep telling everyone Twinkies were my Patronus. :)

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