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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Your Free e-Book Here - Now!

Debut Author Jamie Brook Thompson

New Author Blog Hop

Hello you fabulous, bookish people! Are you ready for a Major Giveaway?

Good! Because this giveaway cannot be beat:

How about getting a free e-book on your Nook or Kindle? 
Good, right?

What if I told you that Jamie Brook Thompson, debut author of Fairytale Farms, is willing to give her super-fresh e-book to FIFTY of you awesome bloggers?
Even better, right?

Let's talk about Fairytale Farms. 
I read the book, and LOVED it.
It's got a runaway teen who's into all things black, a gorgeous cowboy with killer dimples, and a secret that could turn their love for one another into one dangerous ride. 
Need I say more?

To get Fairytale Farms downloaded onto your Nook or Kindle FOR FREE, just be one of the first fifty peeps to click on this link. Put 'Fairytale Farms Free' in the subject line, then type Kindle or Nook. Easy as pie (which sounds good, by the way - just sayin'). *If link does not work, email

So what's new in your world? Are you ready for the holidays? Are you avoiding the mall at all costs? Do you hate the snow as much as I do? Let's hear about it. :)