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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Evie's Knight

Can I get a Hallelujah?

My debut novel, Evie's Knight, is on Amazon at last! 


It took sweat, tears, and years, but it's finally here!

I want to thank all you wonderful writer/reader friends for your support in this journey! And a big thanks to all you gals posting about it today as well.


Cover, blurb, and links are below. Don't be shy; give 'em a click.

 In Evie's Knight, love doesn't simply hurt...

It kills.

EVIE always thought college life would be magical, but so far it's not what she hoped for. Her best friend has gone wild, her love life is void, and she misses her mom more than ever. But life for Evie is about to change. CALVIN KNIGHT, the very object of her fascination, is about to fall madly in love with her. Just one problem: Their love conjures a murderous woman from beyond the grave who wants Evie dead. The same demon who has haunted the Knight men for over four generations.

Soon Calvin is forced to choose: Set Evie free and hope to evade the wrath of The Raven-haired Ghost, or use his newly gifted strengths to fight against her. If he chooses to fight and wins, Calvin will free the Knight men of this demonic witch. If he loses, Evie will become her next victim.

Amazon: $2.99 for ebook
              $10.99 for paperback
I've seen many of you get to this place yourselves. Did you lose your appetite at this point in the game? Check your numbers obsessively? Eat chocolate well into your sleep? Let me know so I can feel normal (even if I'm nowhere near it). And if your novel(s) is available now, post the link(s) below so we can all take a look!