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Monday, August 24, 2015

Paperback Giveaway for Second Chances Series

To celebrate the upcoming release of my latest novel, Mending Hearts, I thought it would be fun to do a Goodreads giveaway.

Up for grabs, we have three copies of Rough Edges - book one of the Second Chances Series. We also have three paperbacks of the latest addition, Mending hearts.

That's six paperbacks total, meaning six chances to win!

Entering is just an easy click away, so be sure to follow the links and do it.

Enter for Rough Edges here.
Enter for Mending Hearts here.

Prefer kindle?
We've got that too.
On Amazon now for just 3.49 a piece.

Come! Enter! Win!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mending Hearts is Available for Pre-Sale!

Summer is coming to a close,
the kids are gearing up for school,
and Mending Hearts is up for pre-sale!

Here's a bit of info about this second book in the Second Chances series:
Logan & Candice, on the verge of divorce, decide to give their marriage one last try. But will they be able to get passed the issues holding them back?

Logan and Candice Emerson will hold a place in my heart forever!
I have to say, writing this book was a journey for me. I really enjoyed discovering just what Candice and Logan had gone through over the years, and learning how they overcame some of the difficulties that tore them apart. Unlike the other novels I've written, Mending Hearts involves aspects like marital separation, infertility, and adoption too. As with any pursuit of happiness, many obstacles come into play, but this couple shows admirable levels of strength and a sincere and lasting love for one another. Of course, as with any of my books, there will be plenty of steamy clean romance along the way. Here's a book blurb to whet your appetite:

Candice is through with married life and all it entailed: infertility, an adoption gone wrong, and the death of her husband’s twin brother. Now that they’ve been separated for nearly a year, Candice is finally ready to set Logan free. But when he steps back into her life, Candice begins to have second thoughts. Even though she hasn’t fully healed from the heartache she endured over their married years, she can't fathom the thought of losing him a second time. Can Candice let go of past hurts and give Logan a second chance, or will her fears keep them apart?

Logan has spent the months of separation giving Candice the space she needed. But when he discovers that Candice is about to file for divorce, he decides he better take action quick. He didn’t spend the best years of his life with this woman, only to let her slip away. Yet just when the opportunity comes again – his chance to finally make things right – an entirely new force threatens to tear them apart. Will opposition keep the heart-broken couple from getting back together, or will they have the strength to break through the barriers, no matter what their future might bring?

So, you may order it on amazon now, and it will be delivered to your reading device on release day, which is September 7th. For now, get out there and enjoy what's left of this gorgeous summer! Perhaps by reading a lovely romance novel on the beach, in a hammock, or at a quiet spot in your garden while the little ones nap. For me, I don't have a beach close by, but I do have a nice hammock out back that is perfect for reading in the afternoon. What's your pleasure?