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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Her TV Bachelor Fake Fiancé

I am just so so happy about sharing this new release with you! I've always wanted to write a TV bachelor themed book, and I have to say, it was so much fun!

I can't wait for you to read about Canyon Byer. He's been deemed shallow by some audience members, but you'll discover just what caused the pharmaceutical rep turned model to hide parts of who he is.

And Cambria! She has not had an easy go at life, but she is strong and resilient and kind enough to give Canyon another chance after he offended her on the show.

Their romance is tender, and enhanced by honest hurts and vulnerabilities from their past that deepen their connection and eventually allow them to trust each other more.

I sincerely hope you guys will enjoy this one!
You can read the blurb below.

Please let me know how you like it!

Cambria gave this year’s TV Bachelor the face-slap seen & heard across America.
Can she offer him redemption too?

Canyon Byer, pharmaceutical rep turned famous model, is the new eligible bachelor on Find My Fiancé. Weeks into filming the reality TV show, Canyon earns the title of America’s Shallow Bachelor for sending home the audience’s favorites. As the finale draws near, he needs a shot at redemption, but in order to get it, America’s favorite bachelorette—the same woman Canyon wishes he hadn’t wronged—will have to give him a second chance.

While Cambria Wilson sits among family and friends during finale night, mixed feelings fight for a place in her heart. Sure, she and Canyon shared a very memorable kiss and she’d even been falling for him until she realized what a jerk he was, but that doesn’t explain the strange sadness that looms as she waits to see which of the finalists he’ll propose to.

In a surprise twist during the final episode, Cambria learns that Canyon’s not going to propose to either of the bachelorettes left on the show. In fact, he’s about to appear on the doorstep of a woman he hopes to win back—all on live TV.

The bachelorette will be asked to join Canyon on a two-week winter wonderland getaway. Cambria would bet her Soap and Body Shop that she’s the last woman he’d choose; that Now an entirely new proposal is laid out before her, but in offering him redemption, will she risk losing her heart? is, until the chime of her doorbell proves her wrong.Now an entirely new proposal is laid out before her, but in offering him redemption, will she risk losing her heart?
Get it here for 2.99 or free in kindle unlimited.

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