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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Query Tip Tuesday

For this week's query tip, I'll be referring to another one of my favorite sources: Query Shark.

If you haven't visited Query Shark and you plan on querying at some point in the near or distant future, I'd suggest you click on the link and spend some time there. Similar to what Jessica Faust does on her Wednesday blog, Janet Reid critiques queries (submitted for that very purpose). Here, you'll learn, as stated at the top of the page, "How To Write Query Letters ... or, really, how to revise query letters so they actually work."

Feeling brave? Thinking of submitting your query letter? Great. But don't do it until you've read entirely through her blog. You don't want to send in a letter that reeks of mistakes she's already covered (see post Why you REALLY want to read ALL the posts).

This is a great way to become familiar with what works and what doesn't work when summing up a novel in just a few short lines. You'd be amazed at how easy it is to ramble about things that simply do not matter. Even if you're not ready to query, be reading over these examples. Trust me, it will help.

If you missed yesterday's post, scroll on down and read about Tasha and her awesome blog, My Book & Me, where she rates and reviews the books she reads. Who knows, perhaps she could read and rate your book down the road.

Also in yesterday's post, I mentioned something truly amazing: Patrick McDonald, the very creator of, has offered to donate one FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for my next giveaway! That's right. I'LL BE GIVING AWAY A QUERY TRACKER PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, right here on my blog! I'm so, so excited about this, but I'll have to wait and give you more details later.

For now, I want to hear from you. Have you ever been to Query Shark? Are you querying yet? Past the point? Dreading it every day of your write-ridden life?  Don't get shy on me now; let's hear it.


  1. Query Shark is a must read! I'm far from querying but I do like perusing her site so I can get myself ready for that dreaded day: when I have to write a query letter. (gasp!) :D

    Have a great day, Kimberly!

  2. I haven't been to Query Shark, but I need to. And how great is your next giveaway!!! Can't wait! :D

  3. Query Shark is Awesome! I was too scared to send mine to her when I was querying. :P For good reason! She is brutal! lol

  4. LOVE those sites!! I learn SO much just by reading query after query after query...

  5. I've been to Query Shark before, but not for a while. Thanks for the reminder - I need to get back there!

  6. I enjoy Query Shark. Very interesting and helpful.