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Friday, May 27, 2011

Do You Tell Them?

You're out shopping with a friend, and just as she holds up the most adorable dress, gleaming with joy because they actually have it in her size, you notice something small and green lodged between her pearly whites.
"Don't you love this?" she says, unaware of the ugly little morsel marring her smile.
"Uh." You're eyes are fixed on the green thing. "What?"

Do you tell her?
For me, the answer is of course! You're her friend, right? That one's easy.
Let's try this: You're meeting a new co-worker for the first time, and upon introduction you notice his fly is down. That one's a bit tougher.

My situation is a little different, and hardly embarrassing at all. Just odd.
So I'm at the grocery store the other day, wandering through the place and filling my cart with everything on my list. Same old, same old.
But then I get to the front, ready to pay, and realize that my backpack has been wide open the entire time.
I don't mean that it was simply unzipped a little, giving a limited view of its contents. I mean it was way open; stuff was on the verge of tumbling out. I'm surprised I didn't loose the novel I had stashed in there along the way. (Luckily my wallet was in a different compartment.)
Now what makes this situation odd, is that I talked to a couple of people in the store. A few workers who politely asked me if I was finding everything okay. (Yeah, like the stuff that's flying out of my open backpack as I walk down the aisle?)
But one woman stood out to me the most. We talked for a moment about the produce. She was at my side with surely a perfect view of my wide open, just-about-to-dump-everything-out backpack. And she didn't say a thing. Sure, she seemed a bit shy, but still. I just can't imagine not saying, "Hey, your bag's open. Looks like you're about to lose a few things there." Right? (BTW, as far as I know, I didn't lose anything.)

So tell me what you think.  Have you had a moment where someone spoke up to save you a bit of embarrassment? Or a time where you wished somebody would have?

Are you the type to tell people when you notice something you'd want to know about?
Or let them discover it on their own?
Confess it here and now; I promise to still love you.


  1. Sorry posting the comment for 2nd time, because browser cut letters on the copy paste for log in. Please delete the above remain. :)

    Yes, people have told me on the street about my bag open or similar.

    And I wouldn't have left you like that. I always point out to people that they have their bag open or similar. But there were few of them that didn't say anything, like thanks. Most of them, however, were glad I told them.

  2. Ha! I was at Costco, and I was in a hurry to just get in there, grab the stuff I need, and go home after. I wasn't feeling too good and neither was my then 2-year-old but we were desperate for diapers. Anyway, this old couple approached me and they were smiling at my little boy. So I just smiled back, thinking, "yeah, he's a cutie but can we go now?" but then the woman, still smiling sweetly, told me, "Your sweater is inside out, dear."

    Haha! I was very grateful!

  3. Jacqvern: Glad you would have told me; thank you!
    Cherie: That is the best! We mom's are always doing stuff like that. I went to the store in my apron once! :)

  4. At first I thought you were talking about me and our little shopping trip! I was sitting here thinking, this is not the way to tell me, Kim! Ha ha. Yes! I tell people. I'll have to tell you about my friend's story about her sister and a Rolo. It's hilarious.:D

  5. Wow, I wonder why no one said anything to you. I definitely tell people! The slight embarrassment they might have over me telling them privately will save them from infinitely more embarrassment if I don't tell them! I wish more people would do the same.

  6. A resounding yes - the toilet paper thing happened to me and someone was nice enough to tell me - I appreciated it - I felt silly - but not as silly as I could have felt!

    Sorry they didn't tell you - you could have lost your wallet or something.

  7. I remember having a young man I had a crush on telling me the zipper was down on my skirt. It was hard to decide which was worse: the humiliation of my 'oops' or the idea that an entire crowd was having a gander and a giggle over my exposed unmentionables. Experiences like that help me sympathize with other oopsers. I adhere to the code of telling them and saving them further embarrassment.

  8. Oh the spinach thing has always got me...or sauce on the face. I always tell people because if it were me, I'd want someone to tell me... please. ;-)

  9. Thanks for stopping by today!! I just redid the layout today!!

    I would tell someone if I noticed. It's kinda like when your dress is tucked in your panties and you don't notice until you feel the cold chair on your thighs (yes it has happened to me). I don't understand why people don't open their mouths to say something.

  10. In the doctor's waiting room just the other day - a lady entered with her dress tucked into her panties at the back. I didn't want to say anything in front of the other half dozen people waiting as I thought it would be too embarrassing for her (even though everyone else could see it). No one said anything to her and I had hoped one of the two women there would. I scribbled her a note on a piece of card and as I walked past her seat I handed it to her on my way in to see the Doc.

    She wasn't there when I got out so I'm presuming it was just too embarrassing for her to stay - I just don't know, but there was only one Doc so she couldn't possibly have seen him as I was with him.

  11. In your case, I'd definitely tell. Having an open backpack isn't embarassing, just something you need to know about. The open fly would be a different story, especially if it was a co-worker and not a friend.

  12. So, I was in this aerobics class and noticed that one particular pupil was extremely short. So I went up to her and said, "excuse me, but you resemble a jazzercising midget." She looked at me and said, "I am." She was so grateful I was honest with her. In conclusion, tell the person!

  13. My father in law was notorious for leaving his fly open. Funny thing was if you told him he would get irate. Of course if you didn't tell him he would be irate too. Just couldn't win!

  14. You know, yesterday my family and I (including the in-laws) went out to eat, and no one bothered to tell me that I had a small piece of tomato stuck in my front teeth. It would have been nice if they had...