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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Query (Tracker) Tip Tuesday

Okay, I can barely believe I've already written two blogs on queries without even mentioning the brightest guiding light known to queryers: QUERY TRACKER. (QT)

While finishing the final (ha, ha)  revisions on EVIE'S KNIGHT, I started researching agents. And while there were a lot of great sites out there, none was more helpful to me than

I can't even tell you how essential this is for anyone even thinking about sending a query into the world. Querying without QT is like going on vacation without a map. You've gassed up the car, loaded up the kids, the luggage, and the survival kit (some Diet Coke and a stash of jerky), all without giving a single thought to what lies ahead.

Why would I say that? Because before QT, I sent out queries. And waited. And waited. Sometimes I'd get  a rejection, other times I wouldn't hear back at all, but every time I was left in the dark, wondering what to expect. I was dying to know what others were going through, but all I had was the info on the agent's submission page - nothing more. (Their website will most likely not volunteer that said agent hasn't responded to a query in over a year. Yet this would be good to know - right?)

And then I found Query Tracker
*Angelic hallelujah chord here*

 Not only does this site help you keep track of those you've queried, how and when you queried them, and their responses, but it also lends insightful little tidbits (shared by fellow writers) about each agent.
See 'comments' tab to read what other writers have shared about their experience with that agent. Here, we sympathize with each other when times get hard; we congratulate one another when there's something to celebrate. When a fellow Query-Tracker lands an agent, their Success Story gets posted on the QT Blog (which is fantastic btw; sign up for it!). This interview often includes the actual query letter used to land their new agent.

Go to 'query statistics', to find out how long the average wait is for a particular agent (at that time; it changes). You can see what genre(s) they've requested recently, and how long it took them to request. (All based on info provided by fellow QT-ers.)

On each agent's page, there are direct links to their website, email address, and even their twitter and blog page (if they have one). You'll also find links to, Preditors and Editors (a must!), Publisher's Marketplace, and more.

Wondering how much it costs? Well you can join for free (and get limited use), or become a Premium Member for $25 a YEAR! (This could change, but that's the price as of today's date.) It's a steal.
Join, and experience what it's like to step into the query light.

Tomorrow I'll announce the contest winner! (Sorry, too late to enter this one, but I'll be doing another soon.) 
Thursday I'll share my lowest of the writer lows and how I pushed through it.
Friday will be sort of random because I want to share a weird experience I had in the supermarket today and get your thoughts on it.

Have you used QT before? Let me know how research agents, or keep track of your queries; I'd love to hear it.


  1. Thank you for this site - I am going to save it and use it as needed. sandie

  2. I appreciate your posting this. I'm about to start querying and have been curious about query-tracker. Recently, I read another author's blog on "things I wish I'd done before I was published." She said she wished she had paid to join query tracker, but didn't say why. I've been wondering ever since.

  3. I LOVED that site. And I found my agent on there. Just sayin'. ;)

  4. Agreed. Querytracker--great resource!

  5. Hello new here!

    I actually have started to look into the query process as I am coming down to the wire of finishing the ms. Thanks for the link and glowing recommendation. I'm definitely going to check it out right no ....

  6. Good to know. Thanks for the info!

  7. I love QT. I do a lot of my research on here (as well as Literary Rambles and Agent Query).

  8. Oooh, yea. I've written 2 blog posts on queries as well!

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  9. Thank you for mentioning QT, Kimberly. I'm glad it has been able to help so many authors.

    Oh, and I don't plan on changing the price anytime soon.

    -Patrick from

  10. I've heard of it, but didn't get on over there to sign up until just now, based on your glowing praise!

    I thought I'd just do a spreadsheet or something, but this is way better. Yay! And the stats help either way. Like, if you see the agent requests 1% of queries, you can feel proud if you made it ... or take comfort in being in good company if you don't!