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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Football Sweetheart, by the one and only, highly adorable Tiffany A White

Okay, if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany A White, you are missing out! She is one of the kindest, coolest, most adorable tweeting, facebooking writing friends I have found via the internet. Plus, she's the author of this awesome, soon-to-be-read-by-me novel, Football Sweetheart.

Do you love that cover, or what?

Haven't heard of this one yet?
You're going to love the premise!

High School Football can be MURDER 
Aimee Freeman is looking forward to the start of her senior year. She knows her best friend Ella has been keeping secrets from her all summer long, but with football season right around the corner, the student trainer decides not to worry about it-they'll have plenty of time to catch up on the field.

Then Ella goes missing, and Aimee realizes those secrets might be the key to finding her. As the case unfolds, Aimee discovers more than one person may have wanted to harm Ella. Was it Ella's current boyfriend, a social outcast the entire city seems intent on blaming for her disappearance? Or her ex-boyfriend, the beloved star quarterback who has harassed Ella since their breakup? The list of potential suspects continues to grow after Aimee reads Ella's journal, but she must break her best friend's secret code to reveal their identities.

Unbeknownst to Aimee, her investigation has not gone unnoticed. Ella's abductor is watching and waiting. Will he decide Aimee needs to be silenced-making her the next target? 

Mmm. Wasn't that enticing? Plus, I've got a juicy little excerpt to whet your appetite. Here it is (I'm going for green again since it matches her awesome cover):

Her mood vastly improved, Aimee began her journey back to the foyer. But as she passed the varsity showers, her paranoia returned once again. She had been in this room hundreds of times over her high school career and never quite felt as she did this instant. Aimee’s arm hairs stood straight up, just as they would have had the temperature drastically dropped. Chills covered her cheeks and arms. The feeling of disturbed butterflies swarmed inside Aimee’s stomach, and the urgency to leave the pitch-black locker room prompted her to take longer strides, until a sharp pain rushed through Aimee’s right pinky toe.

“Damn it!” Aimee crumpled over in pain. It was too dark to see what she had stubbed her toe on or if it was bleeding, but the pain was substantial. She squeezed her toe between her fingers, forcing the pain to subside. As she rocked back and forth holding her tiny toe, she remained in a ball with her long, curled locks dangling over both sides of her face. Suddenly, a cool breeze tickled the nape of Aimee’s exposed neck.

A large shadow hovered over Aimee in the darkness. He reached down, but was interrupted. His once extended hand now covered his mouth, trapping any sounds that might escape as he slowly tiptoed backwards into the toilet area.

There you have it, kids. 
Now you can go and get it.
ebook just $6.99 -  here's where:

And here's where you can find more of the amazing author:

For my reading friends: What book are you reading now? I'm reading two: Not Your Average Fairytale, by Chantele Sedgwick, and The Bewitching of Amoretta Ipswich, by Marcia Lynn McClure. I'm loving them both! And writing friends: How are your books coming? Got anything you'd like me to blog about? Let me know; I promise I don't bite. Unless I'm like, really hungry and then who can blame me?


  1. Wow, Kim!! Thank you so much for the feature! I hope you enjoy... :)

  2. This looks great! I'll have to go get it! Thanks. :) And you know what else is great? I get to see you soon! Yay!!!

  3. @Katie Thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy it!!

  4. I do love the cover! The little teaser was great too. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. @Crystal Thank you!! I hope you do check it out and enjoy it!! :)

  5. This one sounds quite good! I especially love the "do not enter crime scene" tape as the cover's divider. It really seems to highlight what makes the book stand out--the fact that it's not just high school and football, there's also a little murder tossed in for fun. Wizard!

    1. @Jenna Thank you!! I just love the work my cover artist did... she designed exactly what I had imagined (sometimes what I dream up isn't exactly easy to do - LOL)!!

  6. Sounds very dramatic! Love the book cover :)

  7. @Trisha Thank you!! I was definitely going for dramatic... and I'm trying to throw in even more in the second book! :)

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