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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Reviews for Evie's Knight

I've had a few wonderful book blogging gals review Evie's Knight and I wanted to give them a shout out from here at my place.

Below are links to each one of the reviews. Be sure to go and show these lovely ladies some blogger-love! Who knows, if you're a writer, they could be reviewing your book sometime soon!

The latest review is from Bookmark to Blog (Don't you just love that name? I do!)
Here's just a bit of she had to say about Evie's Knight:

"This story has got it all - romance, suspense, family loyalty, and a fantasy world... It's captivating and a book that I couldn't wait to pick up and read each night. I highly recommend it!" 

Wonderful, right?
Thank you, Kimberly @ Bookmark to Blog!

Now the very first review I received was from Jennifer at The Book Twins. Jennifer was so wonderfully willing to read and review Evie's Knight, and I remember really crossing my fingers that liked it. Luckily, she did. 
Here's some of what she had to say about Evie's Knight:

 "It was such a fresh take on the urban fantasy genre. There was so much to love about the story of Evie and her Knight, Calvin. We have falling in love for the first time, heartbreak, revenge, family, loyalty, happiness and the satisfaction of their story coming to the place where it was meant to be.
... I didn't feel like I had just read one book. I felt like I had just been on an incredible journey for so long and enjoyed every moment of it."

Yeah, that review felt pretty amazing! 
Thanks Jennifer! 

So the last review is from the adorable Elodie, at Once Upon a Quote.  And here's a bit of what Elodie had to say:

"...if you're looking for a book with a great romance, awesome characters, a curse and even some magic : pick up a copy of Evie's Knight my friends." 

Well, that's all for our little book blogging tour. And whether you're a writer or a reader (or both, like me), you should definitely check out and follow these awesome book blogs!

Have an awesome blog you'd like to tell us about? Or some review links to your own book? Leave a comment below and we'll check 'em out! Happy November, everybody! 


  1. I'll check out these blogs. It is a beautiful cover for Evie's Night.

  2. Thanks Suzanne!
    I appreciate you stopping by! :)

  3. Congrats on your release and on the new release. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

    1. I shouldn't comment before coffee. LOL. I meant to say: Congrats on your release and on all the great reviews. :P

    2. LOL about the 'comment before coffee' thing! And thank you! I appreciate the kind words! :)

  4. Definitely a good idea to show some love to bloggers who take the time to read and review your novel. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Congratulations on the fantastic reviews!

  6. Fun to read other blogger reviews! Thanks for the mention too!

    1. Sure, Kim! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks again for the great review!

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