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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Super Sweet Romance Sale!

So it's spring, and I've been just itching to do a super sale.
And what better series to put on sale than my Second Chances set?
In this series we see three couples get a second chance at romance.

This week only, you can own the entire series for under $6 (Reg over $13).

In Rough Edges, we see a divorced mother of two teenage girls struggle with the feelings she has for carpenter, Braden Fox. Who also happens to be her ex-husband's old high school friend. Allie had a crush on him way back when, and heaven knew Braden liked her too, so just why did she choose Terrance, a guy who needed a world of improvement even way back then? That's what Braden wants to know too. Find out in this romantic story of love, forgiveness, and of course, second chances. Just 99¢ this week! (Reg. $4.99)

In Mending Hearts, you'll meet Candice and Logan. This one's about salvaging a marriage of heartache, disappointment, and uncertainty. Heartache, because Candice and Logan have struggled to have children for years. Disappointment because just when they thought they would finally get to adopt, the adoptive mother changed her mind. And uncertainty because - though Logan wants to love Candice for the rest of his life - Candice doesn't want to hold him back. Find out how the two resolve these heart-wrenching issues in this touching romance. Just 1.99 this week! (Reg. $4.49)

Is last the best of all the game? Find out in Fresh Starts. When Bree’s stalker is released from prison, she heads to a remote orchard to hide away. Joining her is Greyson Law, a former bodyguard who had a crush on her in their school years. Soon sparks ignite between them, and Bree feels she and Greyson might have a future. But could it all be destroyed by the stalker from her past? Fresh starts is on sale this week for 2.99 (Reg. $3.99)

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