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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Thanks To My Fellow Bloggers

May you all experience a great level of Krispy Kreme sweetness in life!

Okay, so I received this lovely award from five fantastic bloggers, and now it's time to spread the sweet temptation along. A big thank you to Tasha, Jenna Cooper  , Travis, , and my good writing friend, Brenda Sills for the honor! Be sure to check out their awesome blogs by clicking on their names.

Now for the technicalities:

Rules of the The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award (some rules varied but these were the most popular):
1. Copy and paste the award to your blog.

 2. Thank and link to the person(s) who nominated you.
Sweet appreciation to the five of you listed (and linked) above! I'm sincerely thankful for the delicious treat, and am now feeling inspired to whip up a fruit pizza for FHE tonight. 

3. Share seven random facts about yourself.
Seven sounds like a big number but I'll give it a go:

To start, before I married my wonderful husband, he was my best friend, and before that I dated his brother. Juicy, right? Not really. But it's kind of funny anyway.

Second, I love being a mom! I always look forward to summer because that's when I get the kids all to myself.

Okay, down to number three. I have two chihuahuas (Rocky and Adrian) that embarrass me with their obnoxious yapping every time somebody comes to the door. But somehow I manage to love them anyway. 

Four. I can really belch. Like a man. Just sayin'.

Five. I'm a total thrift store junky. Savers is at the top of my list. I rarely buy jeans unless they've been beautifully used, worn to perfection, and passed onto the local thrift store for my wearing pleasure. (Is that even a correct term?) 

Six. FOOD! I shouldn't even think to write about myself without the mention of it. I seriously love all food. In fact, I can't relate to picky eaters. At all. I feel sorry for them actually because I hate the idea of missing out on something delicious.

Last one. I backed into a gas pump once. It was during my teen years (of course) and I had a giant group of friends crammed into my dark brown Toyota Cressida (nicknamed Sexual Chocolate after SNL skit with Eddie Murphy). 

4th rule: Pass the award along to 5 deserving blogging buddies. Since I received the award from more than one source, I decided to list more than that. Each has a link to his or her blog, so be sure to check them out and show them some blogger-love. It's a great way to connect with fellow writers and even bump up your own following.
10. Angie
11. Deana
13. Dana
5. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.
Thanks again for The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award; scrumptious!   


  1. You are so sweet! You totally deserve that award, which, by the way congrats on getting! And thank you! <3

  2. Thanks so much, Kimberly! Sexual Chocolate, really? Lmao! I'm with you on the food, love love love all foods. Congrats on your award. You are totally Sweet!

  3. Congrats! I love summer with the kids too! There is nothing like it.

  4. Kim, thanks so much! I'm guessing you didn't already see my post today. Go check it out. ;) But I totally agree with not relating to picky eaters. (sorry Chantele;) There is just too much good food out there! And I had no idea you have dogs! Let's hit up Savers or DI soon! :)

  5. Wow, Kimberly. Thanks! I don't think I'll even ask about the sexual chocolate.

  6. This is so cool and I am aptly honoured! Thanks, <Kimberely. DUO

  7. Thanks for the award, Kim! :D
    And Katie, I'm not picky by choice. I just can't help gagging when I try things I don't like. :/

  8. Hi Kimberly, loved the tidbit about yourself and the car....Sexual Cholocate. I'll be following you.

  9. That's very sweet of you Kimberly. I enjoyed learning more about you. Teehee.

  10. Aw, thanks! That's so sweet! You totally deserved the award five times! And thanks for being my first ever follower on my other blog. Thankfully, it's no longer as embarrassingly undone as it was then. :)

  11. Thanks Kimberly! My husband's ex-girlfriend married my brother. No juicy story there, either. In fact, she is one of my very best friends.:)

  12. What fun it was to read these things about you! Hey, I love thrift stores too! I can't handle paying full price for anything and you can find some great stuff at those stores!
    We're kindred spirits in that loving-having-your-kids-home-for-the-summer-thing. I get SO sad when summer is over - I LOVE having all this time with my kids home.

  13. Thank you so much, Kimberly! I'll let you know when I get my post up (it might take me a while, given the state of things here, but I'll get it done!).

  14. Thanks, Kimberly! I'll try to get my post up soon!

    I love all food, too. The fact that my kids are somewhat picky eaters drives me insane!

  15. Congrats on the award. I totally get you with the food thing. :) And I loved the thrift-store shopping one. Haven't tried Savers, but I might have to check it out.

  16. Thank you Kimberly - much appreciated! I'm gone till tomorrow afternoon but upon my return I'll get down to doing what has to be done :)

    Thanks again!


  17. Congrats on the award! I've been over here a couple times to try and follow your blog, but blogger doesn't want to comply. =(

    Curious, what is your favorite cheese?

  18. Crystal, that's a great question! I absolutely love cheese. Brie is at the top of my list, along with Feta, Gouda and Blue Cheese. Of course, I love Mozzarella, esp with basil and fresh tomatoes this time of year. And there's this new type of seasoned cheese I've been buying at Costco that's spreads on crackers like a dream, but I can't remember what it's called. I could go on and on. I've noticed that you are a real cheese lover; what's your fave?

  19. THANK YOU!!!!
    Can you hear that from way up here??

  20. Congratulations on the award! I l appreciate that you can belch like a man! I love your blog! Thanks so much for visiting mine!

  21. Congrats on the award! You totally deserve it.

  22. Kim, I am completely amazed that you have taken your blog to incomprehensible heights in such a short amount of time. I have never gotten mine off the ground. Until now. I am going to learn from your example. Just tell me how!:)

  23. Congratulation and wish u all the best in life. I'm completely motivated by reading this, hope to receive this award one day...

    I'm a newbie, Please provide me some more guidelines to have u in my role blogger.


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